New Project Display System

Youth Science Canada has announced the new Canada-Wide Science Fair project display system that will make its debut at the 2013 CWSF in Lethbridge Alberta. This means that all CWSF finalists will be required to use the new standard commercial project display.

Good news is that from now on CWSF finalists will only need to bring their display materials – no more shipping fees, extra luggage charges, and no more backboard safety check issues.

A summary of the new display:

  • 2.5 metre tall display units connect to form rows, with projects on both sides – no wasted space
  • at 1.4 metres wide, it’s 20 centimetres wider than the old table space
  • at 70 centimetres deep, it’s 9 centimetres deeper than a 24-inch (0.61 cm) table
  • includes a pre-printed header for every project
  • two display panels offer 26% more clear space than the old 3-panel rental backboard
  • acceptable adhesives (including Velcro dots and removable double-sided tape) will be supplied
  • display materials can include single pages, posters, and decorative items up to the size of the display panels
  • poster templates will be available on the CWSF web site in 2013

Click Here for more information and full details in PDF format.

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