Meet Team Nova Scotia!

Congratulations to all members of Team Nova Scotia 2009!

Here is a partial list with more to follow:

Medford Lutz (Annapolis Valley)
Hope Latta (Annapolis Valley)
Kristy Doyle (Annapolis Valley)
Tim Cooper (Annapolis Valley)

Alyssa Moss (Cape Breton)
Kathleen Orrell (Cape Breton)
Najala Orrell (Cape Breton)
Todd Mercer (Cape Breton)

Nathan Martin (Chignecto East)
Christine Ingham (Chignecto East)
Alexandru Ianta (Chignecto East)
Juliana Ali (Chignecto East)

Natalie Fisher (Chignecto West)
Brandon Verboom (Chignecto West)
Conrad Yiridoe (Chignecto West)
Susan Lynch (Chignecto West)
Ben Lynds (Chignecto West)

Élise Tessier (CSAP)
Roland Troke-Barriault (CSAP)
Riley Troke-Barriault (CSAP)

Nayani Jensen (Halifax)
Adrian Howie (Halifax)
Gregory John Farrell (Halifax)
Emily Jingyi Chua (Halifax)
Gabriel Smith (Halifax)
Isaac Adams (Halifax)

Steadman Evans     (South Shore)
Isaac Longard (South Shore)
Erin McCarthy (South Shore)
Kathryn    Wagner    (South Shore)

Christian Muise (Tri-County)
Maxwell    Poole (Tri-County)
Nolan James (Tri-County)

Cody GooGoo (Mi’qmaq)
Kaylyn Bernard (Mi’qmaq)
Scott Peters (Mi’qmaq)

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