Science is My Business

NS YES! is dedicated to inspiring young Nova Scotians to experience science in their lives and to celebrate their discoveries.

Science Is My Business is an initiative designed to make the connection between science and everyday life at work.

Science in the workplace is not limited to working in a university lab or space exploration with NASA. Science is in our pharmacies, our factories, our parks, and our concert halls.

Science is all around us.

Science Is My Business 2009-2011 Calendar

NS YES! teamed up with EnCana Corp and Trivium Design to present Science Is My Business: a 36-month calendar for classrooms featuring young Nova Scotians who have unique science and technology-based careers.

Meet these 11 bright Nova Scotians who have found exciting careers in design, digital animation, horticulture, aircraft repair, and some who have started their own businesses based on science and technology.

NS YES! feels it is important for the future of Nova Scotia’s economy to show youth what types of exciting careers are available right here in Nova Scotia for those with science education or technical training.

Please contact us today to order a free copy of Science Is My Business for your classroom!

Download English Calendar [PDF Format]

Download French Calendar [PDF Format]

In coming weeks we hope to include feature ‘Science Is My Business’ interviews here. If you would like to participate – please contact us.

Science Is My Business Questionnaire

Please read over the following interview questions and think about how science has entered into your life as member of the labour force.

  1. Where do you work?
  2. What is your job Title and description?
  3. What made you decide to take this career path?
  4. What were you doing before you took this job?
  5. How does SCIENCE (your own definition) fit in to your job?
  6. What advice would you give someone who was interested in following in your footsteps?
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