Preparing for Science Fairs DVD

Hands-on science projects are a great way to show students how fun science can be. This is the reason why NS YES! (Nova Scotia Youth Experiences in Science) teamed up with EnCana to create “Preparing for Science Fairs”, an inspirational DVD for teachers and students about science projects.

Common questions from students are: “Where do I start?” “How do I come up with an idea?” and “How do I conduct an experiment?” – these questions and more are answered in this fun DVD that takes a look inside the Canada Wide Science Fair through the eyes of students.  Preparing for Science Fairs is hosted by two award winning Nova Scotians from the 2007 Canada Wide Science Fair….Sheralynne Deveaux and Darren Rhodenhizer.

Preparing for Science Fairs – Introduction

Part 2 – Getting Started

Part 3 – Developing the Project

Part 4 – Conducting Trials

Part 5 – Creating Display Boards

Part 6 – Presenting the Results

Part 7 – Conclusion

Example Project: Experiment

Example Project: Study

Example Project: Innovation

The video features interviews with youth across Canada who give tips on how to:

  • Come up with a great project idea
  • Conduct preliminary research
  • Conduct the experiment/study/innovation
  • Create an eye-catching display board
  • Make an award-winning presentation

“Preparing for Science Fairs” takes the viewer through the steps in preparing a project for competition, and includes a simulation of the development of a science project. Using a computer you can access a range of bonus support material including useful websites, documents, and suggestions. Also included are presentations on the three types of projects: experiments, studies, and innovations, with examples of student projects.

‘We hope that teachers will find this useful for all students doing science projects, whether or not they compete in a Regional Science Fair,’ says Cliff Coveyduc, program director of NS YES! Produced by Prisma Productions, copies of the DVD’s may be made for students to take home, and extra copies are available on request. We would be pleased to send a copy to each science teacher at your school while supplies last. Clips and other materials will also be made available on

“Preparing for Science Fairs” has been distributed to all Junior and Senior High Schools in Nova Scotia. Order your own free copy while supplies last!

To place your order email and indicate your request for the Preparing for Science Fairs DVD and your:

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