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NS YES! News Archive

Entrepreneurship meets science in Nova Scotia classrooms
Posted: November 16, 2006 

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia science students are learning about the connections that exist between science and entrepreneurship through a new workshop called Taking Science to Market.

The workshop helps students better understand entrepreneurial opportunities in the everyday science around them.

The workshop offers students and teachers practical information in intellectual property rules, marketing considerations, and the process of commercializing and idea. The project is supported by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Through the workshop, teachers will be able to better support students at generating, marketing, selling and protecting ideas. Teachers can share the information with their science classes and discuss the natural links between science and entrepreneurship.

'Nova Scotia is full of great business opportunities in the science sector. We want to make sure students get the encouragement and good advice they need to run with an idea,' said Cliff Coveyduc, program director of Nova Scotia Youth Experiences in Science, the province's umbrella science fair organization. 'The province will have more young entrepreneurs who can develop more employment opportunities at home.'

The program, consisting of a workshop and information pamphlet, was launched at the Association of Science Teachers annual conference in October.

Bilingual pamphlets and a classroom-ready PowerPoint presentation are available to teachers by contacting Nova Scotia Youth Experiences in Science at 902-424-8408 or by visiting the Web site at

Taking Science to Market is the product of a partnership between Nova Scotia Youth Experiences in Science, CEED Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development Incorporated, the Community Business Development Corporations and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.


Media Contacts:

Cliff Coveyduc
Nova Scotia Youth Experiences in Science

Emily Kimber
CEED Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development Incorporated

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