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Who We Support

Each year, more than 10,000 students in Nova Scotia participate in science fairs, with more than 1,000 students participating in their regional fair. In 2010, 40 students from all ten regions participated in the Canada-Wide Science Fair, held in Peterborough, taking home 19 medals (the largest number ever for Nova Scotia!) including three Gold medals, many honourable mentions, and tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.

After our young people compete at the Canada Wide Science Fair there are two opportunities to participate at the international level. In 2010, NS YES! will work to provide fianancial assistance for students to encourage them to get this international experience and bring it back to our schools.

You can find more information on many award-winning projects on the website. Simply click on 'Project Profiles'.

2010 Canada Wide Science Fair Award Winners

2010 Gold Medallists

Elise Tessier
Elise Tessier:

'Can Stress Bring Out the Best' looked at increasing bioactive compounds in spinach without compromising crop yeild. Her findings could potentially lead to tailoring plants to combat many diseases, including some cancers.

Chantal Surette
Chantal Surette:

'L’Appareil Orque' looked at a new way of capturing energy found in ocean swells. Her innovative idea called the “Orc Apparatus” uses an oscillating column of water to force turbines to spin.

Arash Marzi
Arash Marzi:

'Achieving Copenhagen's International CO2 Targets with a Bees Inspired OA & ANNs' determined practical yearly reductions for minimizing oil, natural gas, and coal emissions in Canada’s manufacturing sector based on Copenhagen’s targets for Canada 2020.

Life Sciences Category

Elise Tessier - GOLD MEDAL Grade 12, West Kings District High School - “Can Stress Bring Out the Best?”

Ria Van der Linden - SILVER MEDAL Grade 12, Chedabucto Education Centre-Guysborough Academy - “Fledglings and Fleas”

Travis Landry - SILVER MEDAL Grade 9, Bridgewater Junior-Senior High School - “Blanding’s: A Species at Risk”

Kurtis Turnbull - SLIVER MEDAL Grade 12, Pictou Academy-Dr. T. McCulloch School - “A Radical Theory: Why Antioxidants May Not Always Be Good”

Macall Robinson - HONOURABLE MENTION Grade12 , Central Kings Rural High School - “Carbon Counts”

Roman Koszucki - HONOURABLE MENTION Grade 7, Wolfville School - “The Spill on Dawn”

Environmental Innovation Category

Riviera Marshall - BRONZE MEDAL Grade 12, Alison Bernard Memorial High School in Eskasoni , & Alitta Sylliboy - BRONZE MEDAL Grade 11, Alison Bernard Memorial High School in Eskasoni - “Invisible Plough”

Engineering Category

Chantal Surette - GOLD MEDAL Grade 9, École secondaire de Clare - “L’appareil orque - une nouvelle façon de capter l’énergie dans les vagues”

Maxwell Poole - BRONZE MEDAL Grade 9, Maple Grove Education Centre - “Reengineering LED Traffic Lights to Prevent Snow or Ice Buildup”

Physical & Mathmatical Sciences Category

Robert Barrett - SILVER MEDAL Grade 10, Riverview High School - “Knock Out: Momentum of a Kick Boxers Punch”

Colin Hooper - BRONZE MEDAL Grade 9, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr High School - “Take A Bow”

Peter Holland - HONOURABLE MENTION Grade 8, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr High School - “Get the Most Out of Your Game”

Earth & Environmental Sciences Category

Kelsey Keddy - SILVER MEDAL Grade 10, École du Carrefour Maple - “Augmenter l’énergie potentielle du moteur à combustion”

Alex Mann - HONOURABLE MENTION Grade 8, Centre Consolidated School, “Up in the Air - VOC Production by Phytoplankton”

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Sciences Category

Adrian Peter Howie - SILVER MEDAL Grade 11, Citadel High School - “Arctic-Ceuticals”

Health Sciences Category

Natalie Fisher - SILVER MEDAL Grade 11, South Colchester Academy - “Is It's Bark Worse than It’s Bite?”

Mitchell Hanna - BRONZE MEDAL Grade 10, Riverview High School - “Max VO2 Versus Resting Heart Rate”

Hannah Martin - BRONZE MEDAL Grade 7, North Colchester High School - “Complaining About Training”

Briony Rose Merritt - HONOURABLE MENTION Grade 9, Oxford Street School - “Seeing Red- The Science Behind Colour in Marketing”

Juliana Ali - HONOURABLE MENTION Grade 8, West Pictou Consolidated School - “Let the 'D' Shine In”

Computing & Information Technology Category

Arash Marzi - GOLD MEDAL Grade 11, Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional School - “Achieving Copenhagen’s International CO2 Targets with a Bees Inpsired OA & ANNs”

Hannah Gillis - SILVER MEDAL Grade 11, Chedabucto Education Centre-Guysborough Academy - “Emergency Measure Access Plans; EMAP”

Alex Ianta - SILVER MEDAL Grade 8, West Pictou Consolidated School - “Semantic Genie”

Tim Cooper - SILVER MEDAL Grade 11, Horton High School - “SWN: a multi-purpose scripting language”


In the near future, these students will develop the business and industries that will
provide stable employment for the future. Today, these students develop and
showcase their talents, abilities, and creativity through activities such as
science fairs, demonstrating the ability to take an idea from conception
through to a successful conclusion.


©2013 Nova Scotia Youth Experiences in Science