A Message from NS YES!
Executive Director, Cliff Coveyduc

Some fascinating times are coming in education. The focus is being shifted from teaching to learning. Universities around the globe are getting on board with PBL - problem based learning. It looks as if it will take root this time.

Fifty Years ago, the post-war world was shaken by Sputnik. Suddenly, the world realized that, in the areas of science and technology, the Soviets had pulled ahead. President Kennedy of the United States set a target of putting Americans on the moon by the end of that decade. Committees from all levels of the education community rose to the challenge by totally revamping science curricula. Some may remember the “alphabetic” science: CHEM study, BSCS biology, and PSSC physics. They were characterized by vastly increased opportunities for students to investigate science concepts in laboratory, hands-on experiences.

Science Fairs came into being at the same time. The Canada-Wide Science Fair celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2011. Science fairs gave young people a chance to present their learning in a public forum. In 2013, more than five hundred participants will again compete at the national level in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Participants tell you it is an amazing experience. They grow scientifically, psychologically and socially. They form a network of associates that will last a lifetime.

Will the students in your school have the opportunity to get involved?

Yours truly,

Cliff Coveyduc
NS YES! Executive Director


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